Who Are The CBD Planet UK?



Our mission started when we began our hunt for a reliable and trustworthy site to purchase our CBD products from. Already being regular CBD users we knew how much of a positive impact CBD was having on our health. However, finding a good trustworthy retailer was impossible, and it often took hours to pick out a safe and reliable brand. The next goal was finding a UK site that displayed all of our favourite brands in one place. We couldn’t find one! This is when we decided to begin our journey to deliver a range of high quality CBD products for you, our customers around the world.



The CBD Planet UK is a top supplier of all products CBD related. Based in the heart of the UK, we’re focused on delivering the very best CBD brands and products to you. All of the brands we stock are highly reputable companies within the CBD industry that we have carefully selected for you. When you shop with us you can guarantee, safe, trustworthy products with a dedicated team devoted to customer service.