Best CBD Isolate Products For 2021

Jun 15, 2020

Whilst CBD isolate isn’t as popular as CBD oils or CBD vape juices, it’s popularity is growing and it’s easy to see why. With increasingly more CBD isolate products entering the market it’s not surprising you might be overwhelmed with the choices available, so we’ve put this blog post together to provide you with recommendations of the best CBD isolate products to buy in the UK. 

What Is CBD Isolate?

First, before we look at the best CBD isolates on offer, it will be useful to define what CBD isolate is. CBD isolate is typically a solid/powder that contains 99% pure CBD. CBD isolate is formed through a particular extraction process that removes the active compounds from the cannabis plant before a refinement process strips away the harmful plant matters and THC. This process results in a CBD in its purest form, which usually contains 0% THC. CBD isolate is normally sold in a white powder form but its appearance can also resemble a sugary crystal form.

How Do I Take CBD Isolate?

There are many different methods of taking isolates and as we’ve previously mentioned it can become the base to a lot of homemade products. The main uses of CBD isolate include:

  • Sublingually (placing it underneath your tongue)
  • Inhalation (through adding it to a vape e-liquids)
  • Ingestion (measuring out a required amount and placing it into a pill before swallowing)

CBD isolate is safe to take in all of these methods but due to its high potency and pureness we recommend you pay particular attention to the quantity you are consuming.

Benefits of CBD Isolate

A main benefit of CBD isolate is its versatility and the many uses it has. It can be used to create a range of homemade products such as CBD oil, CBD vape juice, CBD creams, and CBD edibles. This offers an enjoyable way to use CBD and is the reason many of our customers purchase CBD isolate products.

Others choose to use CBD isolate products due to the amount of THC they contain. The majority of CBD isolate products contain zero THC, whilst some contain only very very small traces (lower than other types of CBD products). This makes them a great choice of product for those who are worried about THC being in their system and showing up on a drug test.

Finally, another benefit of CBD isolate is the fact it’s much cheaper than other types of CBD. If you’re looking to use CBD products but are on a budget then CBD isolate represents a great way to still get the great benefits CBD has to offer.

What Are The Best CBD Isolate Products?

We understand when looking for any CBD products you can feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of different brands on offer. Here at The CBD Planet UK we pride ourselves on selling only top tier brands with reputable results and reviews. Here’s a few of our favourites:

Plant of Life 1000MG CBD Isolate 99%

Plant of Life CBD Isolate

Plant of life’s 1000MG CBD isolate boasts a 99% purity and contains less than 0.01% THC. Its crystal like substance is a result of its high quality refinement process it has undertaken before its been placed onto the shelf. Plant of life does not contain any residues of solvents or chemical agents within it. Here at The CBD Planet UK we also provide a full 3rd party lab result to assist you in understanding the full contents of the product.

£47 – Shop Now

LVWell CBD 99% Isolate 1000mg CBD

LVWell 1000mg CBD Isolate

LVwell are a high reputable CBD company held in a high regard across the industry. They are based out of the UK and sell thousands of products across the world every day. LVwell’s 1000mg CBD isolate is a favourite across the team here at The CBD Planet UK, and it isn’t a surprise when you understand LVWell’s full manufacturing process. Their isolate products contain 0.0337% THC and are completely odourless and flavourless which make them ideal for mixing with homemade products. They’re also free from harmful chemicals and are organic, gluten free and vegan. 

£13 – Shop Now

CBD Eaze 1000mg CBD Isolate 99.5%

CBD Eaze 1000mg Isolate

CBD Eaze have been on the market since 2016 and aren’t novices in the CBD world. They are regarded as one of the few leaders in the industry. CBD Eaze isolates have a 99.5% hemp derived isolate meaning it is of a high purity and concentration. CBD Eaze isolate is also vegan. We receive a lot of brilliant feedback from all of the CBD Eaze products we sell here at The CBD Planet UK and this isolate is no exception to that. 

£25 – Shop Now

Envium CBD Isolate 1g – Pharmaceutically refined

Envium CBD Isolate 1g

Envium are known for the quality of purity of the CBD isolate products that they bring to the market. Envium CBD isolate is 99% pure and contains 0% THC. Their CBD isolates are pharmaceutically refined to contain no residuals or impure elements. This purity is what makes them a firm favourite amongst many of our customers, as well as being so reasonably priced.

£23 – Shop Now

Final Thoughts

CBD isolates are becoming more and more popular with our customers here at The CBD Planet UK and this is mainly due to the interest in people creating their own CBD products. Others are just looking for a pure CBD product to reduce the chance of any THC from entering their systems. Eitherway, CBD isolate has begun to firmly assert itself within the market and won’t be phased out or replaced anytime soon. If you have any more questions about our recommendation feel free to drop us an email and one of the team would love to have a chat.

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