CBD Oil Vs CBD Capsules: Which Is Better & Why?

Aug 24, 2020

Discovering the right CBD product for you can be a long process. As you delve deeper into the web you begin to understand the different pros and cons each product can offer you. Without a doubt two of our most popular products are CBD oils and CBD capsules. The CBD Planet UK have created this article to help you understand the comparison of CBD oil vs CBD capsules, including the benefits and which is best to buy. So, read on and the decision about which to buy will hopefully be made clearer.

What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found within the cannabis sativa plant. Given CBD comes from the cannabis plant, many people falsely assume it is an illegal drug which will cause a high when used. In the UK, CBD products are legal as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC, which is another cannabinoid within the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD, THC contains psychoactive properties which makes its consumption illegal. Although there are no clinically proven benefits of taking CBD, many people choose to take CBD as they believe it can help with anxiety, depression, sleep, joint pain and certain skin conditions. However, we can not claim that CBD can help to treat any conditions or illnesses.

What Are CBD Oils?

CBD oils are the most common product used and sold across the CBD industry. CBD oil is made by diluting CBD with a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed oil. Here at The CBD Planet UK we stock a variety of different brands with strengths of oils ranging from 150mg up to 3000mg. CBD oils are most commonly taken sublingually by placing droplets underneath the tongue. However, you can also mix them with your favourite foods or drinks which has grown in popularity in recent years.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oils?

As we’ve mentioned, CBD oils are by far the most used product within the CBD industry and it isn’t hard to understand why. CBD oils are most commonly taken sublingually, this means they are taken underneath the tongue. Due to the sublingual entry that the oil takes to enter the body, CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream quicker than many other methods of consumption. Another benefit is its ease of use. CBD oils can be taken without any special equipment ulike CBD e-liquids and are quick and convenient to take. Finally, when taking CBD sublingually a greater amount of CBD is absorbed compared to other methods. This means you get more value for your money as you achieve greater effects from less CBD. 

What Are CBD Capsules?

Much like normal pills taken for things such as headaches or pain, CBD capsules are a tablet based CBD dose designed to be easy to swallow. CBD capsules are taken with a small glass of water and swallowed normally before a meal to aid in their absorption into the bloodstream when they enter the stomach. Once the capsules have entered your stomach the acid in your gut will break down the capsule to allow the CBD to be absorbed into the belly lining and in turn allow entry into the bloodstream where the CBD can begin to work.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are considered a quick and easy alternative to other CBD products such as CBD oils. There is no hassle with measuring out a dose like there would be with CBD oils and a dosage level can be attained by simply taking more or less tablets. Other benefits of CBD capsules include their lack of taste. Many people find CBD oils unpleasant to taste, therefore CBD capsules are a brilliant alternative to get around this problem.

Many people already take tablets as a part of their daily routine, this can be for anything such as pain, headaches or even vitamins. CBD capsules allow a user to benefit from CBD without making any major changes to their routine. This, coupled with their ease of use makes them perfect for anyone who leads a hectic lifestyle.

Where Should I Buy My CBD Oil or Capsules From?

The internet is full of CBD sites offering the next best products and brands. It’s important wherever you shop for your CBD products that it is always from a reputable supplier. Do your research and see what CBD products the site is offering, have a look at their reputation across the community and always check the product you are buying is from a high quality company.

The CBD Planet UK is proud to have placed itself as one of the UK’s top suppliers of CBD products, including both CBD oils and CBD capsules. We offer a collection of brilliant brands at unbeatable prices. Our experts carefully select only the very best brands from around the world in order to ensure both a safe and effective product for our customers.

Check out our best selling products from our CBD oil and CBD capsules collections below.

CBD Oil Vs CBD Capsules: Which Is Better?

We hope you can start to understand the differences between CBD oils and capsules. Both products have positives and will clearly suit people differently. The main difference between CBD capsules and oils is how they are taken. Some people prefer taking capsules as it is quick and convenient, whereas others prefer oils as they feel the benefits quicker. With capsules you can easily assure your dosage is correct whereas oils rely on the consumer taking the correct dosage. There is no right answer as to which is better, it really will depend on the individual and your lifestyle. Luckily, The CBD Planet UK has one of the best ranges of CBD oils and CBD Capsules on the market, so whichever you choose we’ve got you sorted.

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