How To Mix CBD Oil With Vape Juice

Jun 15, 2020

Despite popular belief you can’t just add CBD oil to vape juice to create a CBD blend. CBD oils contain a carrier oil which can cause damage to your vape and more importantly be harmful to your lungs.

In this post, our aim is to provide you with alternatives to mixing CBD oil with vape juice, so you can enjoy a great tasting vape juice.

Add CBD Vape Additive To Your Existing Vape Juice

If you want to mix CBD with your existing vape juice then the best way to achieve this is through a CBD vape additive. CBD vape additives are flavourless liquids that are added to your existing vape juices in order to provide the benefits of CBD without compromising on the flavour of your vape juice.

CBD vape additives come in a range of different strengths so you can decide how much CBD you want to add to your vape juice. Some vape users are loyal to the products they currently vape and so CBD vape additives were designed so that the user can still enjoy the same great taste of their favourite vape juice whilst also gaining the benefits CBD has to offer.

Check out our range of CBD vape additives in order to find the right additive for you. Our favourite CBD vape additives are from CBDfx. The strengths available range from 60MG all the way through to 500MG, whilst the price point ranges from £8 through to £25. CBDfx are brand that are known for their quality, with their CBD being CO2 extracted from the highest quality, organically grown hemp.

CBDfx 10ml CBD Oil Vape Additive

cbdfx vape additive

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Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice Using CBD Isolate

Instead of mixing CBD oil with vape juice, you may consider making your own CBD vape juice by using CBD isolate. Buying ready made CBD vape juices can be expensive, particularly if you are a frequent vaper or take a high dose. By making your own vape juice you can customise your vape juice to exactly how strong or exactly the flavour that you like. You can also have the confidence of knowing exactly what goes into your CBD vape juice.

We’ve created a guide on how to make your own CBD vape juice at home. Be sure to check it out if this is an option you’d like to take. We won’t go into step by step details in this post, but you’ll need 500mg of CBD isolate, 15ml propylene glycol, 12 ml of vegetable glycerin, and 3ml flavourings of your choice. You’ll also need scales, a vape juice container and a syringe with a blunt tip. It’s a super easy to follow guide and which is actually quite an enjoyable process.

Buy Ready Made CBD Vape Juices

Although it may be the most expensive option, buying ready made CBD vape juice is another alternative to mixing CBD oil with vape juice. If you don’t like the thought of making CBD vape juice and you don’t want to use an additive, then it is the best option.

At The CBD Planet UK we have over 100 CBD vape juices to choose from. They each differ in price, strength, and flavour, so there’s sure to be a CBD vape juice to suit you. We have a range of high quality brands such as Dr Watson, Kali Greens and Canavape. We’ve listed our three favourite vape juices below. 

Canabidol 500mg CBD Vape E-liquid 10ml

canabidol cbd vape juice

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Dr Watson 300mg CBD Vaping Liquid 10ml

dr watson cbd vape juice

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Naturecan 500mg CBD E-Liquid 10ml (80VG/20PG)

naturecan cbd vape juice

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Final Thoughts

You should remember that adding CBD oil to your vape juice is not safe. Doing so may cause harm to your vape pen and your lungs. Instead, there are a range of alternatives to help you enjoy great tasting CBD vape juice. You can make your own vape juice using CBD isolate, buy CBD vape additive to add to your existing vape juice, or buy ready made CBD vape juices. Each option has its advantages and its suitability will depend on the individual.

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