Is CBD Legal In Australia?

Jun 14, 2020

The expansion of the CBD market has brought with it a range of new laws and legislations that must be followed to remain in line with laws. However, some of our international customers are still unsure how the specific laws work in their particular countries. So what’s the answer? Can CBD be taken in Australia? In short yes, you can take CBD but that comes with a few rules and a process you’ll need to complete before you are allowed.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, otherwise called CBD, is one of more than 100 compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant. It’s not psychoactive, which means it doesn’t get you “high”. Typically, the illegal part of the cannabis plant is the THC. THC is the psychoactive substance that creates the ‘high euphoric’ feeling when using cannabis.

Why Should I Use CBD?

As CBD products are a fairly new innovation, scientists are only just beginning to understand its full effectiveness. Without going into each and every benefit in depth, CBD is used by many people in order to combat acne, reduce anxiety, reduce pain and present seizures amongst many other uses. It’s important to remember that The CBD Planet UK does not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any existing health problem and we always recommend you consult a GP or healthcare professional before undertaking a dietary change.

Is CBD Legal In Australia?

Unlike its easy accessibility in Europe, CBD is currently legal over the counter in Australia, but only under special circumstances. The Australian government has opted to run a different approach to CBD for a variety of reasons. Many believe it’s due to the lack of scientific research surrounding the full benefits. The Australian government has decided to run a Special Access Scheme (SAS) to determine who is allowed to use CBD under medical grounds. Currently, CBD has been authorised for therapeutic use to treat an array of conditions such as seizures, but they don’t guarantee anything. 

What Is The Special Access Scheme (SAS)?

Special access scheme (SAS) screening has been implemented by the Australian government to see if you qualify to be able to use CBD under your current medical condition. The process was put in place to limit who is using CBD. Typically it is often long and requires the correct documentation in order to be signed off to use it. Once you have the valid documentation and a prescription you will be able to access your CBD oils through your local pharmacy. It’s worth noting at this stage CBD subscriptions can be very expensive.

There are ways that you can purchase CBD oil online. But remember, if you choose to shop with an unauthorised retailer, there could be discrepancies in the quality of your product. There are currently no standardised global regulations for producing, testing or even labeling CBD products so it’s definitely something to think about.

So Can I Take CBD In Australia?

In summary, yes. However, you will only be allowed to take it into the country if you show you have been prescribed it by a doctor and you have no more than three months supply. We’d also recommend taking the lab report of the product you are taking in order to prove that it does not have more than 0.3% THC, which is the legal amount required in CBD products. If you aren’t able to do this then you should avoid taking CBD products to Australia. 

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