Why Is CBD So Expensive?

Jun 11, 2020

The price of CBD oil can sometimes be questioned by new users who believe it to be more expensive than it should be for such a small bottle. Although it’s a small bottle, the benefits it provide are anything but small. In this blog we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why the price of CBD can sometimes be deemed too expensive, as well as giving you some tips to help you save money when buying your CBD.

Understanding What CBD Is

To first understand CBD you need to understand what it is. CBD is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant, however it contains little or no THC. THC is the psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant and is the illegal part. Under UK laws all products sold in the UK are required to have less than 0.2% THC (although many of the products you’ll encounter on the UK CBD market will contain no THC). You will not get high off any CBD product regardless of the quantity you consume.

‘Why CBD?’ I hear you asking. What draws people towards CBD products is its positive effects reported through anecdotal studies. Although tests have been carried out through the last 5 years the full extent to CBD effectiveness is not fully understood by scientists. CBD is safe for consumption by people and is often used for a range of problems including, the reduction of anxiety, inflammation, nausea, and even chronic pain. The CBD Planet UK does not however claim to treat or diagnose any existing health problems.

CBD Oil Price Comparison

So, now we know what CBD is and its benefits, let’s take a brief look at a CBD oil price comparison. We’ve picked 3 products which have the same strength and quantity, so their price is comparable, although you should remember that the price does vary depending on these factors. 

The prices are correct as of 11/06/2020 and may be subject to change. Clicking through to the product page will determine the correct price as of today.

ProductCBD AmountPrice
CBDfx CBD 1000mg 30ml Tincture Oil1000mg£50
Ignite 1200mg CBD Oral drops 30ml1200mg£58
Orange County CBD 1000mg 30ml MCT Oil1000mg£50


From the above comparison you can see that the price of CBD oil is similar across the four brands compared. There may be cheaper oils than this available, however we’ve picked out four of our best selling brands to give you an idea.

So Why Is CBD So Expensive?

There are many factors that cause the price of CBD to remain fairly high. The most significant reason being the limited supply of CBD vs its overwhelming demand. Consumers are constantly looking for natural health and wellness products to support a healthy lifestyle and CBD seems to be the latest trend. Although more brands are beginning to enter the space, there is still a limited number in the market. As more brands enter the market in the coming years, this will likely drive down the cost of CBD for consumers.

The CBD extraction process is also another reason the price sits fairly high in relation to other natural wellness products. CBD is extracted in two methods, one using a solvent and the other using a Co2 process that is usually the more expensive but cleaner choice. CBD’s Co2 extraction process allows companies to control the temperature of the process which means they can target specific cannabinoids resulting in higher concentrations of full spectrum CBD. Finally, the Co2 extraction process is the cleanest method with the least amount of contaminants in the finished product and therefore results in a high quality of product. 

CBD testing is another aspect brands have to factor in before the product reaches the consumer. Under UK laws all products must contain less than 0.2% THC in any of their CBD products. THC is the psychoactive substance that creates the ‘high’ effect and is the illegal part in the cannabis plant. In order for brands to prove their products are safe and subsequently place their CBD products onto the market they must provide a product accompanied by a lab report. This lab report is typically carried out by a third party that is totally unaffiliated to the company. This report is typically very expensive to be carried out but will differentiate low quality products from the top tier products.

Will the Price of CBD Come Down Over Time?

As we briefly touched upon, the good news is that CBD is due to drop in prices as new legalization is passed and laws are relaxed. As rules relax on hemp farming more and more businesses will look at cashing in on the growing CBD market. In turn this will allow new brands and products to enter the market resulting in lower prices.

The US industry is expecting a move from tobacco farming to hemp as the governments tighten the rules on cigarettes and relax them on cannabis. This is something to bear in mind as it could relate to the UK market in the coming few years.

Another factor causing the CBD price to sit high is the extraction process. Although CBD cannabinoids can be extracted in two different ways the processors in the production cycle are limited throughout the industry, which means owners of this machinery can afford to drive the price up as they become more exclusive, this is the basic laws of supply and demand. Fortunately as research expands and develops new companies are bringing exciting and innovating new extraction processes that should see this production cycle drop in price allowing companies to sell to the consumer for a lot cheaper. We should see the drop of the price in CBD products within the next two to three years as the market supply is raised alongside the growing demand.

Let the Price Be an Estimate on the Quality

In recent years a number of small brands have entered the CBD market with lower quality and cheaper products. Like we’ve already mentioned the extraction process can be an expensive process. The CO2 process is the cleanest process that produces the highest quality of CBD therefore costs the most to get onto the market. Typically, the best quality CBD products will be more expensive than the lower quality products.  So the old saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ is often true. 

The CBD Planet UK

If you’re looking to buy high quality CBD at low prices then you should look no further than our collection here at The CBD Planet UK.  We’ve got one of the best selections of CBD products across the whole industry offering a range of highly reputable brands such as Canabidol and Ignite. We’re so dedicated to providing the cheapest prices within the UK that we offer a price guarantee. If you find a product that we are selling cheaper on another site, then we will beat the price by 10%. Shop with confidence with the UK’s top CBD supplier.

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