Canabidol CBD E-Liquid

Canabidol CBD vape juice is available in 250mg and 500mg options, both within a 10ml bottle. The vape juice tastes great when used on its own, or if you’d rather, it can be added to your existing e-liquids. Unlike many CBD e-liquids available, Canabidol ensures there is not a harsh or earthly taste to the liquid by removing the unwanted plant extracts and waxes.

Canabidol CBD Oil

Canabidol CBD oils are available in 500mg or 1000mg options, each within a 10ml bottle. There are two types available, the RAW oils and the standard oils.

The RAW oils have all of the original hemp components but do not contain any plant material. They’re a slightly darker colour and taste stronger than the standard oils.

The standard oils are designed to contain all of the natural terpenes and cannabinoids, without the raw flavour of the cannabis plant. The unwanted plant extracts and waxes are removed in the process to allow for a smooth and tasty oil.

Canabidol CBD Cream

Canabidol CBD rescue cream is clinically proven to repair, restore and soothe your skin. With 250 mg of CBD within the 50ml bottle, it allows for a highly targeted application of CBD directly to your skin. Simply apply it to the targeted area of clean skin and massage well.

Canabidol CBD Capsules

Canabidol offer 3 different types of CBD capsules, catering for a range of different preferences.

The oral capsules contain 10mg per capsule and come in a packet of 30 capsules. Available in Detox, Heart, Mind and Sleep varieties, they are each enriched with slightly different vitamins and minerals to provide different benefits. They’re designed to be swallowed whole with 1-2 capsules taken twice daily with or after food

The gel capsules contain 50mg per capsule and come in a packet of 10 capsules.  These are easier to take for those who struggle with normal capsules, as the consistency is jelly-like. We would suggest taking one tab twice daily by letting the tab dissolve under your tongue for 10-15 minutes without chewing or swallowing it.

The cacao tabs contain 25mg per tab and come in a packet of 10 tabs. They’re made with white chocolate which makes them a delicious way to take your CBD. Like the gel tab, they should be taken by letting the tab dissolve under your tongue without swallowing, and we would recommend taking one tab twice daily.

Canabidol CBD Tea

Canabidol CBD tea infusers are THC free and are available in either a Heart or Immune option. The Heart product is designed to support a healthy heart and is flavoured with real cannabis terpenes and raspberries, giving it the distinct red colouring. Whilst the immune product is designed to support your immune system and does not contain the raspberry flavouring. Each contains 20 CBD infusers and offers a great way to kickstart your day!