CBDfx delivers a range of top quality products to CBD lovers. CBDfx is based out of Southern California and is renowned around the world for their attention to detail and forward thinking mindset into creating the latest and innovative CBD products. They offer the latest CO2 extraction method for all of their products to assure they leave no traces of solvents such as butane or propane in the final product, which can be common with low quality brands or products across the CBD market. CBDfx’s dedication to detail and quality is the reason people are constantly returning for their products. CBDfx are specialists in full spectrum CBD oil and their full range of flavours and strengths provides a product for everyone.

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What Makes CBDfx So Good?

  • Safe: Many companies across the CBD sector like to make claims about their strengths and contents of CBD products. Many however cannot provide full comprehensive lab reports like CBDfx does. CBDfx are a brand that work closely with their lab testers to maintain high quality and safe products.
  • Wide range: CBDfx have a brilliant range of new and innovative products for you to choose from, this means there is a product, flavour or strength to suit everyone. 
  • Innovative products: CBDfx have brought a range of new and exciting products for everyone to try and test. Their products provide a plethora of new fruity flavours not seen on the CBD market before which in turn sets them in a league of their own.

What Products Do CBDfx Offer?


CBDfx pride themselves on their use of full spectrum cannabidiol in their process. This means the maximum health benefits are retained in the product when the extraction is taking place. Many brands remove terpenes and cannabinoids from their products, but CBDfx believe it is vital to leave them in their products to increase the experience and benefits for the customer.

CBDfx have created a range of different strengths, sizes and flavours of CBD oil for you to try. The flavours they have created have been centred around a smoothie menu rather than typically just oils. Their flavours used include:

  • Blueberry, Pineapple & Lemon
  • Lemon, Lime & Mint
  • Lychee, Lemon & Kiwi

CBDfx Edibles and Gummies

CBD edibles are one of the most enjoyable ways to consume CBD and the number of people taking CBD this way is growing month by month. CBDfx have created a range of tasty CBD edibles for you to try. Edibles are quick, convenient and most importantly discreet which means you can avoid those awkward questions when enjoying a treat at your desk.

Another new product CBDfx have created are CBD sublingual strips which are typically referred to as chewing gum. These minty strips provide you with 5mg of CBD per piece which is a convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD and leave you with fresh breath.

Potentially one of CBDfx’s most popular products is their CBD gummies. CBD gummies are brilliant for those new to CBD as they are a fun and easy way to try the health benefits CBD can offer. CBDfx CBD gummies come in a range of tasty flavours including berry and turmeric and spirulina flavour.

CBDfx CBD Creams

CBDfx CBD creams and topicals are second to none. CBDfx have created one of the best ranges of creams on the CBD market. Designed to target a specific area on your body, creams and topicals are a brilliant way for CBD lovers to target a centralized area on their bodies to allow the CBD to act. Topicals and creams are usually favoured by those who don’t want CBD to enter their whole body and instead a localized area.

CBDfx’s creams are made from high quality, full spectrum oils which enables the CBD to be absorbed through the skin and into the system. Creams have added natural essential oils and mentol substances to enhance the user experience in turn creating a delightful experience.

Why CBDfx?

CBDfx have brought some of the newest and most diverse products to the CBD market. Their eye for detail and high quality products have created a fan base of customers that return for their products religiously. They pride their products on being cruelty free having tested no products on animals. Alongside this, their products are vegan and organic, making them a go to brand for many CBD lovers. Their 3rd party testing lab means that customers can consume CBDfx products knowing they are safe with access to a full list of their ingredients.

Why Shop At The CBD Planet UK?

At The CBD Planet UK we take great pride in stocking only the best brands from within the CBD industry. Our products are all delivered from within the UK and are 100% safe and legal. We’ve got an express delivery service so you can get your hands on your favourite CBD products within 1-2 working days, and to top it off we’ve got some of the lowest prices online!