Ignites CBD Product Range

If you are looking for a CBD brand with a wide variety of products the Ignite range is the perfect one for you! To keep you satisfied, Ignite CBD are constantly improving and developing new CBD products for you to choose from. We stock a range of products which includes CBD vape pens, CBD oil and CBD lip balm.

Ignite CBD Oil

Ignite’s CBD oil range provides you a quick and convenient way to consume your daily dose of CBD. We also have a range of different flavours which are guaranteed to satisfy everyone.

The flavours include:

  • Blood Orange
  • Cucumber Lemon Mint
  • Lavender
  • Natural
  • Tropical Fruit

CBD tongue drops are easily consumed by simply placed underneath the tongue and held there for up to 90 seconds. This is a popular method favoured by those new to CBD as it requires no vaping equipment and the dose can be easily altered by adding more drops.

Choose from Ignites extensive range and unlock the tasty flavours they’ve created to get those taste buds tingling.

Ignite Disposable Vape Pens

Vaping is an industry that has taken the UK by storm in the last decade. With the rising popularity, it is no surprise that CBD vape pens are a popular product! 

Ignite has begun to develop their latest range of disposable CBD vape pens. These disposable pens are ideal for those new to vaping or who are simply experimenting and do not already own expensive vaping kit and equipment. Alternatively, some experienced users may not want to put CBD into their existing pens, meaning a disposable pen is ideal.

The Ignite disposable vape pens are available in a number of different flavours for you to enjoy. These include:

  • Blood Orange – A single three-second puff delivers approximately 2mg of CBD with a sweet citrusy taste of natural blood orange flavour
  • Pink Chill – A single three-second puff delivers approximately 2mg of CBD with a sugary and sweet taste of natural berry and banana fruit flavours
  • Tropical Fruit – A single three-second puff delivers approximately 2mg of CBD with hints of juicy mango, various natural tropical fruit flavours

Vaping allows the user to take their CBD quickly and easily. The CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream providing fast results.

Ignite CBD Rechargeable Vape Pens

Described as the next generation in CBD vaping, Ignite have really developed their products by creating a rechargeable vape pen with disposable e-liquid pods. These elegant high quality pens allow you to enjoy a range of different CBD flavours from one pen.

The Ignite rechargeable pens offer a ceramic coated, 10 cm long, ergonomic design along with a high capacity 380mAh battery to aid in prolonged use. They give the user a brilliant and enjoyable CBD vaping experience.

Along with the rechargeable CBD pen, enjoy a selection of different flavours including:

  • Blood Orange
  • Pink Chill
  • Tropical Fruit

Ignite CBD Lip Balm

CBD lips balms are a relatively new innovation within the CBD market. As the market evolves and expands the selection increases. Ignite has developed a high quality cbd lip balm for you to enjoy.

Lip balms are an everyday product carried by many so it was only smart to mix CBD with it to make it a convenient and easy method for people to take CBD. Lip balms are particularly favoured by those new to the industry and are looking to try out the health benefits in small doses.

Ignites 99% pure extract provides the user soothing healing to their chapped lips accompanied by the health benefits of CBD.

Why Ignite?

Ignite CBD currently offers one of the most diverse range of products on the market, added with their passion for extremely high quality products make them a must have for any CBD user. Their products are recognised to provide long lasting effects quickly and efficiently encouraging their fans to return and make repeat purchases.

Another main attraction for Ignite CBD is their products are THC free. One of the main questions we are asked here at The CBD Planet UK is will ‘CBD show up on a drugs test?’ Ignite has created a range completely free from THC which will avoid any unexpected drug test failures. Ignite CBD products are truly brilliant, they are high quality and a must have for any CBD lover!

Why Shop at The CBD Planet UK?

The CBD Planet UK is the UKs leading supplier of all things CBD. We pride ourselves in only stocking leading, top tier brands from within the CBD sector. The products we sell here at The CBD Planet UK are safe and 100% legal. Our range provides a massive selection of brands and strengths for you to choose from therefore we have something for everyone!