Naturecan have entered the market bringing with it a vast range of products, including e-liquids, Topicals and creams, oils, supplements and capsules. Check out our guide below.

Naturecan CBD Creams & Topicals 

Naturecan have created a vast range of creams and topicals including CBD infused massage oils, muscle balms, rubs as well as infused nut butters. These products include high quality materials and ingredients free from hidden nasties often found in low quality CBD products.

Naturecan have looked into the CBD market long and hard to fill the niches people require. One of Naturecan’s most popular muscle balms is its infamous CBD chilli balm. The chilli balm brings an instant warming effect to the area it’s applied to. This is particularly handy for those suffering from problematic pains or aches in their muscles pre or post exercise. The deep heat sensation the chilli balm brings will provide an instant relief in reducing the perception of pain.

Naturecan’s CBD creams and Topicals are a must have in any CBD lover’s arsenal.

Naturecann CBD E-Liquid 

Over the last 10 years the vaping scene has grown and developed to a multi million pound industry. CBD companies are renowned for innovating new products and methods and Naturecan are no exception. They’ve brought a great range of products to the market that enable vapers to consume CBD through their vapes in e-liquid form.

Naturecann provide CBD e-liquids in three different flavours including citrus fruits, strawberry and menthol. These different flavours cater for all taste buds and provide a brilliant experience for those choosing to vape their CBD.

Naturecan CBD Oil

Naturecan offer a comprehensive range of broad spectrum CBD oils in both 10ml and 30ml bottles. The benefit of broad spectrum CBD oils are the addition of terpenes and other natural compounds found in the hemp plant. Some brands choose to include these compounds due to their health benefits.

Naturecan CBD Capsules & Supplements 

Some people don’t already smoke or vape and the thought of taking CBD for the first time can feel daunting. The hundreds of different ways to take it can get very overwhelming hence why brands have developed their capsule range to become a part of someones everyday routine.

CBD supplements are also a new craze hitting the market. Naturecans CBD supplements range includes activated charcoal and curcumin food supplements as well as vegan CBD capsules meaning they can cater for all types of CBD lover.