CBD Lip Balm

Dry, chapped, or sore lips? Thousands of people across the UK suffer from dry flakey lips. In the winter the mixture of cold weather and central heating can make them chapped and sore, whilst in the summer they can become dry due to the sun's UV rays. With CBD lip balms, this will be a problem of the past. Our lip balms are designed to moisturise and treat sore lips along with the added benefits of CBD. Hundreds of our customers have already made the change to swap from their traditional lip balms to those which are CBD based. CBD lip balm will help balance out any disruption the skin on the lips may have faced, and it'll also support overall skin health of the area applied.

What Is CBD?

CBD has soared in popularity in recent years although there’s still some confusion about what it is and what is isn’t. CBD is the commonly known acronym for cannabidiol, which is one of many different naturally occurring compounds within the cannabis sativa plant which are known as cannabinoids. It’s often assumed that CBD is illegal and will cause users to experience a high, but this is not the case. It is the THC cannabinoid within the cannabis plant which is illegal and causes a high. By law, all CBD products must contain less than 0.2% THC, and so this is nowhere near enough to cause a high. The health benefits of CBD are yet to be fully understood as research is still in its early phases, although early research has been encouraging. CBD is used to create a range of different products, from CBD oil all the way through to CBD lip balm.

What Are The Benefits of Using CBD Lip Balms?

CBD lip balms have a variety of positive benefits, most notably it can provide faster healing to the skin on the lips. The skin on our lips is very sensitive, therefore it’s important we use products that aren’t harsh to treat them. CBD is a natural substance therefore you can ensure it’ll be free from hidden nasties. CBD lip balms will keep your lips moist which as a result will speed up the healing process. It’s not uncommon for lips to become chapped and cracked, and so the lip balm can also be used to soothe the pain and discomfort caused by harsh weather changes. CBD lip balms will soothe the lips from drying out and prevent them from becoming dry and flakey. Finally, the overall appearance of the lips will improve with prolonged use of CBD lip balms. Your lips will be left feeling glossy and moisturised.

Does CBD Lip Balm Work?

Yes! CBD contains a variety of natural antibacterial properties. This, alongside its anti inflammatory properties make CBD lip balms a must have. Thousands of people across the world are already using CBD products everyday as a part of their daily routine.

What Does CBD Lip Balm Do?

CBD lip balm contains essential oils and helps to provide moisture and hydration to the lips, as well as protecting against sun damage.

How Do You Use CBD Lip Balm?

You should use CBD lip balm how you would any normal lip balm. You can use it multiple times a day and should apply it whenever you feel like your lips would benefit from hydration or being moisturised. Before you begin using it we would first recommend you check how your lips react by applying a light layer. If there’s no irritation or reaction then you can can carry on using it.

How Do You Store CBD Lip Balm?

You should store your CBD lip balm in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. This will ensure the CBD does not degrade.

Who Can Use CBD Lip Balms?

Anyone looking to repair damaged lips can use our CBD lip balm products. They are particularly used by women as they can result in a glossy look. However we do have a large male clientele that use them to help with hydration.

Does CBD Lip Balm Help With Anxiety?

No, CBD lip balm is not designed to help treat, prevent or cure anxiety. We would not recommend using CBD for anxiety and would instead suggest you discuss the matter with your doctor to find a potential solution or treatment.

Is CBD Safe To Use?

Yes, CBD is completely safe for human use and consumption, it has even been classified as so by the World Health Organisation. However, having said that we would always recommend that your consult your doctor before using CBD as it may not be right for everyone, particularly if you use prescription medications where the interaction with CBD is not yet known. Additionally, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should avoid using CBD.

Are There Any Side Effects To Using CBD Products?

Although unlikely, there may be some side effects to using CBD products, however, it is important to stress that no serious side effects have ever been reported from using CBD. Only minor side effects may occur such as drowsiness, fatigue, and diarrhea, and they usually only occur when you consume too much CBD.

What Type of CBD Extract Is Used?

We have a variety of both broad and full spectrum CBD lip balms and so it is important you understand the difference before you make your choice of product. Full spectrum CBD extract is CBD which contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids from the hemp plant. This means it can contain up to 0.2% THC. On the other hand, broad spectrum CBD extract contains only a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, with the THC being completely removed.

Will Using CBD Lip Balms Get Me High?

No, CBD lip balms will not get you high. CBD lip balms are brilliant for those individuals suffering from sun damaged chapped lips. THC is the psychoactive substance typically found within the cannabis plant and is responsible for making users feel high. No CBD product is designed to get you high as they contain less than 0.2% THC. For peace of mind, some of our products have been lab tested to so you can be assured of their quality ingredients and THC levels.

Are CBD Lips Balms Legal?

Yes, all of the CBD products we sell here at The CBD Planet UK are legal including our CBD lip balms. UK law dictates all CBD products must contain less than 0.2% THC within their ingredients, which all of our products adhere to.

Why Buy CBD Lip Balm From CBD Planet UK?

We have one of the largest selection of CBD lip balms available online in the UK. We carefully select our products to ensure we stock from only reputable brands throughout the world of CBD. Many of our products have even been lab tested to ensure you of their quality and ingredients.

As well as being passionate about our quality, we are also passionate about our prices. Thanks to our price promise, if you find one of our products for cheaper elsewhere then we’ll beat the price by 10%. And when you’re ready to order, all of our orders can be sent with next working day delivery, just select express shipping at the checkout and order before 3PM. All of our orders are sent using plain packaging which is beneficial if you wish to receive them discreetly.