CBD Massage Oil

CBD massage oils can provide the user with centralized relief in a particular area. Typically, CBD massage oils are used by those who put their bodies through stress and strain through leading an active lifestyle. Creams and topicals are favoured by those new to the CBD world as they are quick and easy to use. Just sit back and massage oils into your muscles and joints to experience the brilliant soothing and anti inflammatory effects that CBD can offer.

Why Use CBD Massage Oils?

CBD massage oils are an effective way of using CBD to treat a certain problem area. Massage oils allow the user to massage the CBD based lotion into the area of inflammation or pain to allow its natural healing process to work faster and more efficiently. CBD has been used for positive results for inflammation over the past few years and is supported by hundreds of anecdotal reports.

Can CBD Massage Oils Help With Arthritis?

CBD massage oils are not designed to treat, prevent or cure arthritis. However, there have been some studies conducted into the effect CBD has on arthritis. One study from the journal Pain found that CBD can prevent both osteoarthritis pain and joint neuropathy, as it decreased joint inflammation and served as a protectant to the nerves. The CBD Planet UK does not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any existing medical conditions and we recommend you always speak with your GP or a healthcare professional before undertaking any dietary changes.

How Do I Use CBD Massage Oils?

CBD massage oils aren’t typically absorbed into the bloodstream like other methods such as oils. They only work at the point of contact such as joints and muscles. Therefore if you are looking to use your oil effectively it’s important you apply them onto a clean dry area rubbing it in with a circular motion. You should notice the effect on the area very quickly, although if it is subtle you can repeat the process. CBD massage oils are particularly effective for athletes suffering from delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS).

Are CBD Massage Oils Safe?

Yes, all of the CBD massage oils we sell are completely safe. We do however recommend you check the ingredients of our CBD massage oils before application to ensure you aren’t allergic to anything they contain as those who have particular sensitive skin may experience some itchiness. Always check the products direction for use before application and start with a small amount before applying more liberally.

Are CBD Massage Oils Safe?

All of the CBD products we sell here at The CBD Planet UK are 100% safe including our range of CBD massage oils. All of our products have undertaken a rigorous testing procedure to deem them safe for consumption by the UK public. The majority of the brands we source our products from also provide 3rd party laboratory reports to provide you with a full understanding of what is actually in your product.