CBD Drinks

CBD drinks offer a quick, easy and effective way to take CBD. They don’t require any equipment so they’re great to use whilst on the go. They also come in a variety of concentrations to suit your needs, and you don’t need to worry about dosage like when counting your capsules or oil drops. You can choose to take your drink to kickstart your day, as a midday treat to get you through the day, or even in the evening to relax after a stressful day. Whatever your taste buds favour we’ve got a drink for you. From water and coffee, to energy drinks, shots and carbonated drinks - all in a range of tasty flavours. Take your pick from our extensive range.

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What Are CBD Drinks?

To put it simply, CBD drinks are any drinks which contain CBD. They are available in a huge range of forms and flavours. From cold drinks such as CBD water and CBD energy drinks, to hot drinks like CBD coffee, there’s a CBD drink to suit everyone. Drinks offer a popular way to consume CBD given their appealing flavour and ease of use.

How Are CBD Drinks Made?

Many people think CBD drinks are just drinks with CBD oil put into them. This is incorrect. As the saying goes, oil and water dont mix. For this reason, a water soluble CBD or CBD tincture is used in order to ensure the CBD mixes with the drink.

Are CBD Drinks Safe?

Yes, our CBD drinks are safe! All of our products are from highly reputable brands and shipped from within the UK. When consuming a CBD drink, be sure to work out the right dosage for you as this can differ from person to person.

If you’re looking into using CBD drinks and you are concerned then you should speak to your GP to ensure that it is safe for you to do so.

Are CBD Drinks Legal in the UK? 

CBD drinks are legal in the UK as they contain less than 0.2% THC, which is the psychoactive substance within marijuana that causes users to experience a high. 

What Are the Benefits of CBD Drinks?

The main benefits of CBD drinks are their taste, convenience, and dosing ease. Many people do not like the taste of oils and so CBD drinks offer a great tasting alternative in order to get their daily dose of CBD. Many CBD drinks are based on the flavour of other popular everyday beverages that we’re used to such as sodas, energy drinks, teas and coffees.

CBD drinks also make it possible to enjoy CBD on the go or in a social setting with ease. You don’t require a vaping pen, you simply just pop the lid and enjoy.

With CBD drinks, dosing is made easier as the drinks each state the concentration of CBD. Based on your dosage, you can then drink the whole drink or save it for another day. This is far easier to take the correct dose as opposed to vaping.

When Should I Use A CBD Drink?

Whether you want to take your drink to kick start your day, take one as a treat to get you through the day, or take one in the evening to unwind, it’s all personal preference. Whenever you decide, just pop the lid off and drink away.

How Much CBD Is In One Drink?

This all depends on the brand or the product you are drinking. Some CBD drinks can have as little as 5mg, whereas others have as much as 30mg per drink. We’ve got a range of different strengths to suit all needs.

How Many CBD Drinks Should You Take?

The number of CBD drinks you take a day depends on your daily dosage. On top of this, you should be cautious on drinking too many as you may exceed your daily sugar intake.

If the CBD drink of your choice has a low concentration of CBD you may need to drink numerous drinks in order to get to your dosage, or similarly fewer if the drink has a high concentration. All concentrations are clearly stated on each product.

Your weight and metabolism can also have an impact on how much you should drink. It is recommended to start low and increase your intake until you find the right dosage for you. 

Can I Drink A CBD Drink With Alcohol?

You should be careful when taking CBD drinks with alcohol as it can enhance the effect of the alcohol. Please drink responsibly and be aware.

Will CBD Drinks Make Me High?

CBD drinks will not get you high as they contain less than 0.2% THC. THC is the psychoactive substance within marijuana that causes the high, and so with such little of this in CBD, you will not experience a high.

What Types of CBD Drinks Are There?

There are many types of CBD drinks available, the most common types include:

Is Drinking CBD As Effective As Vaping Or Using CBD Oils?

Yes, drinking CBD is a highly effective method of consuming CBD that is favoured by many. When you ingest CBD, it stays within your body for longer meaning the effects last for longer. It is important to remember that everyone’s bodies react differently to different methods of CBD consumption. For some people, vaping or using CBD oil may be effective, but for others, CBD drinks will provide the optimum way to take your CBD.

Why Should I Buy CBD Drinks From The CBD Planet UK?

Here at The CBD Planet UK we have one of the best ranges of CBD drinks in the UK. We have an array of products which taste just like the normal drink, so whatever your favourite drink you can be sure to find a CBD version with us. All of our CBD drinks are sourced from the best quality brands to ensure both a safe and effective product for our customers.