CBD Lollipops

Here at The CBD Planet UK we offer a range of different brands and flavoured CBD lollipops. CBD lollipops offer a tasty way for people to take their daily dose of CBD through a fun edible, and they are discrete for those who don't want to draw too much attention to themselves. CBD lollipops are ingested sublingually, so similarly to oils they are absorbed through the mouth and allow the CBD to enter the bloodstream.

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What Is CBD?

CBD is one of over 100 different cannabinoids typically found in the hemp and cannabis plant. CBD is a naturally occurring substance and is 100% legal and safe to consume. Due to its new entry into the market the full list of benefits are not yet completely understood. Anecdotal studies have concluded CBD is a highly effective substance in helping from a range of things such as anxiety, depression and even chronic pain. The CBD Planet UK does not claim to cure, treat or diagnose any existing medical conditions.

How Do I Take CBD Lollipops?

Just like a normal lollipop, CBD lollipops are simply placed into the mouth and enjoyed as a tasty treat. While the lollipop melts into your mouth the CBD is being released into the mouth and furthermore into the body to allow its benefits to get to work. CBD lollipops are a brilliant way to start your CBD journey, they are extremely effective and very discrete.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Lollipops To Work?

The time CBD lollipops take to work differs from person to person. As a rule of thumb we say that CBD lollipops take around one hour to work but this can vary due to the users size, weight, height and sex. Your CBD product will contain instructions of use and a recommended time frame.

Do CBD Lollipops Get Me High?

No, CBD lollipops will not get you high. None of our CBD lollipops are designed to get you high as they all contain less than 0.2% THC. THC is the psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant which is responsible for causing the high. With such small amounts of THC you can shop with confidence that CBD lollipops will not get you high.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Lollipops?

CBD lollipops offer a tasty way to get your daily dose of CBD. Many people don’t like the taste of CBD oils and so CBD edibles such as lollipops offer a great alternative. They can be used on the go and their ease of use means you won’t have to make any adjustments to your normal daily routine.

Are CBD Lollipops Safe?

Yes, CBD lollipops are perfectly safe and used by many. None of our CBD lollipops contain more than 0.2% THC. THC is the psychoactive substance in the cannabis plant that is both addictive and causes a high. With such small amounts of THC, our CBD products are perfectly safe and legal. 

Are CBD Lollipops Legal?

Yes all of the CBD products we sell here at The CBD Planet UK are completely legal. Our CBD lollipops contain less than 0.2% THC which is the maximum amount required under UK law. THC is the illegal psychoactive substance found within the cannabis plant, but due to the extremely low content our products are completely safe and legal.