CBD Protein Powder

Are you a frequent gym goer? Looking for that next best thing to enhance your training by aiding your recovery time? Here at The CBD Planet UK we think we might have you covered. As the CBD market expands so do the range of products brands are offering. CBD protein powders are the latest product taking to market by storm. We offer a range of CBD protein powder products that contain zero banned substances, including both whey protein powder and plant based proteins.

What Is CBD?

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is one of many naturally occurring substances found in the cannabis plant that are known as cannabinoids. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that does not cause a high and is completely legal. This differs from the well known THC cannabinoid, which is the illegal substance within marijuana which causes users to experience a high. For CBD products to remain legal in the UK they must contain less than 0.2% THC. In order to meet this guideline CBD is most commonly derived from the hemp plant, as the hemp plant contains large amounts of CBD but only small amounts of THC. CBD products have become particularly popular within sport and fitness due to the anti inflammatory properties of CBD, so it was only a matter of time before brands started to infuse CBD into protein powder. However, we make no claims about the health benefits of CBD.

What Is CBD Protein Powder?

Put simply, CBD protein powder is a protein powder which is infused with CBD. It allows athletes, bodybuilders and gym-goers to get the benefits from protein powder alongside the benefits that CBD has to offer.

What Types of Protein Powder Are Available?

We offer offer four main types of CBD protein powders to suit different needs, these are:

Whey Protein – whey protein powder is the most common type of protein powder that we offer and the type that most people are familiar with. Our CBD whey protein products provide all of the essential amino acids to help you increase your muscle mass.

Casein – casein based CBD protein powders are not suitable for vegans given they are dairy based, but they provide the glutamine amino acid which is said to be beneficial for recovery. Casein is digested slowly which is why many people choose to use it before they go to sleep.

Soy – soy based CBD protein powders are a great alternative if you are looking to consume plant based protein. Additionally, they contain a range of important amino acids to aid your training and recovery.

Pea – pea based protein powders provide another plant based protein which is great for vegans or those who can not consume dairy. It also contains the arginine amino acid.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Protein Powder?

Everyone is fully aware of the role protein plays in helping to build muscle and this is one of the main benefits of CBD protein powders. They allow you to increase your daily intake of protein by simply just consuming a shake. This is often far easier than consuming huge amounts of food in order to get the desired amount of protein. Additionally, it is possible that CBD may help to speed up the recovery of muscles thanks to its anti inflammatory properties. Research is still in it’s early stages however, and so this is just a perceived benefit rather than a confirmed benefit.

How Do You Use CBD Protein Powders?

CBD protein powders are used just like regular protein powders that we all know and love. You can either combine the powder with milk or water in order to make a tasty shake. Each product will come with a recommended serving size and the amount of water or milk you should use, so we would recommend to follow this advice.

When Should I Take CBD Protein Powder?

When you take your CBD protein powder is completely down to personal preference and there is no right or wrong answer. All we would recommend is that you ensure you use the powder regularly in order to see a benefit. In the fitness industry there is wide ranging debates on when the best time to take protein shakes, but one of the most common times to take it is within around an hour of working out.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Protein Powder?

CBD supplements including our CBD protein powder offer a range of health benefits. Often when protein is taken post workout it has the aim of repairing the torn muscle fibres damaged during the workout, hoping when they repair the protein will provide a base to grow back bigger and stronger. Some athletes report that their recovery times are dramatically reduced as a result of CBD, however it is important to stress that research to prove this is still in its early phases and so we do not claim it can do so.

What Flavour Protein Is Available?

We have some of the classic protein powder flavours available such as chocolate and vanilla, but we also offer some fun flavours which you may not have experienced before such as latte, watermelon, and orange. They make a tasty way to consume CBD.

Do Athletes Take CBD?

Yes, as studies into CBD become more frequent and enter more depth, athletes have identified the potential edge the substance could give them. Famous athletes consuming CBD protein powder for recovery include Nate Diaz, Derrick Morgan and David Wells.

Are There Any Side Effects of CBD Usage?

CBD is known to have no recorded serious side effects. However, you may experience some minor side effects from its use. Usually these side effects only occur if you consume too much CBD (which is considered over 70mg per day) and they include symptoms such as drowsiness and diarrhea. This shows the importance of starting with a small amount of CBD and slowly building your way up in order to find the correct dosage for you. You should be mindful not to consume too much hemp protein powder, as excessive protein consumption over a prolonged period of time could result in kidney damage.

Is CBD Protein Safe?

Yes, all of the CBD protein powder products that we offer are safe. They are free from banned substances and contain less than 0.2% THC, which is the psychoactive substance within the cannabis sativa plant. We only stock the most reputable brands so you can shop in confidence knowing you will receive high quality CBD products.

Will CBD Protein Powder Get Me High?

No, CBD protein powder will not get you high. All of our supplements contain less than 0.2% THC. THC is the psychoactive substance found within cannabis which is responsible for the high typically sought after by recreational cannabis users. Due to our CBD products containing little or no THC, you will not experience a high with any of the products we sell.

What Type of CBD Is Best?

When you buy CBD protein powder it is important that you understand which type of CBD is best for your needs. Each type carries different benefits and will be best for different people.

Full spectrum CBD is CBD which contains the full range of cannabinoids, natural terpenes and flavonoids from the hemp plant. The key here is that this type of CBD may contain up to 0.2% THC, and so it is often favoured due to the belief that it can provide the entourage effect. This is the belief that the cannabinoids within the cannabis plant work together to provide a greater effect than they would have if consumed individually.

On the other hand, broad spectrum CBD is CBD which contains only a broad selection of cannabinoids from the plant. With broad spectrum CBD, the THC is completely removed during the extraction process leaving zero THC. This makes broad spectrum products a favourite for people who are concerned of the effect that THC has on their body, or for those who are required to pass drugs testing.

How Long Will It Take To Feel The Effects of CBD Protein Powder?

The time it takes to feel the effects of CBD protein powder will vary for different users, however, roughly you should expect to feel them within around 30 minutes to an hour. This is because the CBD first has to pass through the digestive tract and be processed within the liver before the effects can be felt.

How Long Will The Effects of CBD Protein Last?

How long the effects of CBD protein powder will last will differ for everyone, although as a rough guide you should expect to feel the effects for between four to six hours.

Why Buy CBD Protein Powder From The CBD Planet UK?

The CBD Planet stocks one of the best CBD protein powder collections in the UK, offering a range of industry leading brands from across the CBD market such as CannaWHEY and Applied Nutrition. We stock both whey protein and plant based protein powders available in a range of great tasting flavours and a variety of strengths to suit whatever your needs, and we do it all at unbeatable prices. Thanks to our price promise we won’t be beaten on price. If you do manage to find one of our hemp protein powders for cheaper elsewhere on the internet then we will happily beat the price by 10%. You can even get your order the very next day thanks to our express delivery option. Just make sure you order before 3PM and your order will be dispatched the same day. Your order will arrive in plain packaging which is handy to know if you want to receive it discreetly.