Where To Buy CBD Oil Near Me

Over the past few years the CBD industry has grown and developed into a multi million pound industry and is only expected to grow further. Businesses across the UK have seen the growing demand for CBD products and begun selling them across the nation. The choice of companies and retailers can be a hard decision to make when shopping for your specific products, but we’ve created a guide to help you shop with the best.

The guidelines set out by the government are minimal due to CBD products being classed as a food supplement. Unfortunately, some brands have capitalized on this and have decided to produce low quality CBD products which they sell for extremely high prices, accompanied by ridiculous claims of healing benefits without the scientific evidence to support it.

A high street retailer should be able to provide you with lab results for their products as well as answer any questions you may have about the product. If however they can’t provide these lab results then as a rule of thumb it’s best to stay clear. Here at The CBD Planet UK we care about our customers and have decided to produce a comprehensive list of retailers we suggest and trust.

CBD Stores Near Me

Thankfully due to the rapid growth of the CBD market in the UK there are now various shops across the country where you can purchase CBD products from.

Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett are one of the world’s leading health and wellness retailers, so it’s no surprise that they have recently started to stock CBD products. Since Holland & Barrett started selling CBD products it has really helped propel the UK CBD market, making it more accessible for everyone.

There are hundreds of Holland & Barrett stores spread across the UK, which are usually found on the high street. Each store may carry different products depending on the size of the store, so please consult the store before you visit to avoid disappointment. Use their store locator here to find the nearest store to you.

United Kingdom Locations

For a more detailed guide around shops which sell CBD near you, take a look at our guides for a town or city near you below.

Bristol CBD

Why Buy CBD On The High Street?

Sometimes, people much prefer to buy pharmaceuticals from the high street rather than online. This is due to the face to face interaction they can have with the shop owners. Face to face contact means they can ask questions about the products and ask for recommendations easily. We understand when beginning your CBD journey the range of products can be overwhelming and that person to talk to can help relieve you. 

Why Buy CBD Online?

You may be familiar with articles recently hitting the papers describing how the high street is slowly dying. As the internet grows so does the amount of people turning to online shopping. Online shopping can take place in the comfort of your living room without planning an outing with all the hassle surrounding the trip. Browsing from home allows the customer time to analyse what they are buying and do research into CBD whilst also enabling them to shop around for the cheapest sites. Online CBD retailers will often categorise their products by brand, strength and size to really make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. The face to face interaction usually required for questions is often replaced by someone sitting on the other end of a chat application within the website. Delivery options can be as quick as the next day, so you can almost get your products as quickly as if you went to the high street. 

Where To Buy CBD Online? 

So if you’re now wondering where to buy CBD online, luckily for you we are one of the UK’s biggest online suppliers of CBD products. At The CBD Planet UK we stock over 800 products from some of the biggest names within the CBD industry such as Ignite, CBDfx and Canabidol. We stock the very best brands but we also bring them to you at the very best prices. We’re so confident that you won’t find products cheaper anywhere else, that if you do we’ll beat the price you found by 10%.  Our most popular categories include CBD oil, edibles, drinks, capsules, vape juice and creams, but we also sell more obscure categories you’d struggle to find on the high street like patches, bath bombs and soap. Check out our best selling CBD oils below.

What’s The Conclusion?

No matter how hard you attempt to shop around the high street, online retailers will always be able to display better prices and products due to their vast ranges they can afford to offer. Like shopping on the high street, it’s important to shop with a reputable retailer who can provide extensive info about their products, including lab reports. Shopping with us here at The CBD Planet UK you can shop with absolute confidence knowing you are buying some of the best brands on the CBD market from a trusted, reliable UK supplier.