CBD Vape Kits

For those that are looking into starting to vape CBD, a CBD vape starter kit offers the best option. Vaping is one of the most popular methods of CBD consumption, but the choice of vape pens, cartridges and juices can be overwhelming for new users. Here at the CBD Planet UK we stock a variety of different CBD vape kits from some of the industries leading brands. Each kit varies in what it contains, so it’s important to check what is included on each product to ensure you are not disappointed when it arrives. Some kits come with CBD e-liquid provided, whereas others you will be required to purchase the vape oil separately.

What Is CBD?

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant. It’s a naturally occurring substance and unlike it’s sister cannabinoid THC, it’s not psychoactive and does not cause users to experience a high. CBD is being used in a variety of products including oils, creams, drinks, edibles and vape juices. The health benefits are yet to be fully understood, however anecdotal reports claim it can help with a variety of issues including sleep, anxiety and pain.

Vaporising CBD has grown in popularity in recent years. It’s easy to see why given it provides one of the most efficient methods of CBD consumption. The CBD enters your bloodstream via the lungs, rather than having to pass through your digestive system. It’s estimated that the bioavailability of vaping CBD is roughly 50-60 percent, making it around four times more efficient than most other methods of consumption.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Vape Pen Kits?

The main benefit of CBD vape pen kits is that they are easy to use, making them perfect for beginners. All of the parts are designed to work together, and it’s far less daunting than having to buy the components separately and having to worry whether the parts are compatible.

As the parts are sold together as a kit, it also means it’s cost effective and far cheaper than buying all of the components on their own.

Finally, a benefit of vaping which makes it the preferred consumption method for many is that it offers the fastest method of delivery, meaning you feel the effects of CBD much quicker. This is because the CBD bypasses both the stomach and liver and enters the bloodstream via the lungs. You can begin to feel the effects within around 15 minutes, which makes it a great method of consumption for those who want to feel the effects quickly.

What Does A CBD Vape Starter Kit Contain?

Each of the CBD starter kits we sell differ on what components they contain, so it’s important to check each product individually to avoid disappointment. Some of our CBD vape kits come provided with CBD e-liquid, whereas with others you are required to buy them separately. Usually, a kit contains a battery and charger, CBD e-liquid, the vaping device and an instruction manual to help you know hot to use the device. It’s got everything you need to begin your journey into the world of CBD.

Can A CBD Vape Starter Kit Help Anxiety?

A CBD vape starter kit is not recommended as a means to cure anxiety or any other medical conidition. Our CBD products are sold as food supplements and are not designs to diagnose, treat, help, prevent or cure any medical condition.

Will A CBD Starter Kit Help With Sleep?

Our CBD vape kits are not intended to treat insomnia or any other medical conditions. It may help you to relax before you go to bed, however.

Do CBD Vape Kits Help With Pain?

Our CBD vape pen starter kits are not intended to treat any medical conditions which may be causing you pain. However, there are studies available online which have investigated the effect CBD has on pain.

Are CBD Vape Starter Kits Safe?

Yes, using a CBD vape starter kit is as safe as vaping a normal e-liquid. The only difference is the nicotine is replaced by CBD, which carries no greater risk than nicotine. When using a vape pen we would always recommend that you understand how to use the device and can operate it correctly.

What Should I Consider When Buying A CBD Vape Kit?

There are a number of different factors you should consider when buying a CBD vape kit, including the quality, battery life, ease of use, and the type of vape oil.

In terms of quality, you need to make sure your vape kit is from a reputable brand. You want your vape kit to last and provide you with good value for money. Luckily here at The CBD Planet UK we stock only the best quality brands to make it easier for you. When evaluating the quality of the vape you need to look at the external casing as well as the build of the coil, tank and mouthpiece.

It’s important to look out for the battery life of any CBD vape kit you’re looking to buy. Each vape kit will specify the mAh of the battery, which essentially is a measure of how powerful the battery is. The higher the mAh the longer your CBD vape pen will last. It’s important not to just select the cheapest vape kit as price is strongly correlated with the quality of battery. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to the battery. For the casual user this may not be a problem, but for those intending on vaping regularly throughout the day then you will need a high quality battery that can last the day. The last thing you want to be doing is running out of battery in the middle of the day, so paying that little bit extra for a better battery is definitely recommended.

When selecting your starter kit it’s key that you understand the difference between broad-spectrum vape juice and full-spectrum vape juice. Broad-spectrum CBD vape juice contains all compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant, but is does not contain THC. This differs from full-spectrum CBD vape juice which contains up to 0.2% THC. Users of full-spectrum CBD vaping products salute its ability to provide an entourage effect, whereby the THC and CBD work together to provide a greater effect than they would individually.

It’s important to consider whether you would prefer a vape kit that uses a cartridge system or one which uses a tank. With a tank based system, you can fill the tank with the e-liquid of your choice. This means you can have whatever flavour or strength that suits you. If you choose a vape kit that uses CBD vape cartridges then you will either need to buy replacements or refill the cartridges. Usually, cartridges provide a purer CBD and are often unflavoured, so for those who struggle with the natural of flavour of CBD this may not be the best option.

Finally, you need to choose a CBD vape kit that’s easy to use. You should check the features the vape pen has in order to make sure it suits the level of experience you have with vaping. As a new vaper, it would be better to purchase a vape pen which is basic rather than one which has a lot of advanced features that may be difficult to use for a new user.

Are CBD Vape Kits Legal In The UK?

Yes, CBD vape kits are legal in the UK as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC, which is the psychoactive substance within marijuana which causes users to experience a high. All of our products comply with this measure making them legal under UK law.

Is Vaping CBD As Effective As Using CBD Oil?

Yes, vaping CBD offers an effective method to consume CBD. The effects of vaping can be felt much quicker than using CBD oil as the CBD bypasses the liver and stomach. However, everybody is different and some people may find one method of consumption works better for them than another.

Does Vaping CBD Get You High?

No, vaping CBD will not cause you to experience a high as our CBD products all contain less than 0.2% THC, which is the substance within marijuana which causes you to experience a high. Such small amounts of THC are not enough to cause you to experience a high. If you are worried about the THC content then we do have a range of products which contain 0% THC. Be sure to check out the lab report to confirm this for each product.

Why Should I Buy A CBD Vape Starter Kit From The CBD Planet UK?

At The CBD Planet UK we have one of the best selections of CBD vape kits on the market. Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced user, we’ve got the kit for you. We stock only the very best brands to ensure you have both a safe and effective vaping experience. As well as with quality, we also won’t be beaten on price thanks to our price guarantee. If you find a product cheaper elsewhere then we’ll beat the price by 10%. Finally, we also offer next day delivery options so you can get your hands on your new vape pen starter kit the very next day. So what are you waiting for. Shop CBD vape starter kits now.