CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is essentially a solid/powder that contains 99% pure CBD. An extraction process removes active compounds traditionally found in the cannabis plant, before a refinement process strips away all the harmful nasties such as THC and plant matter. What is left is CBD in its purest form. CBD isolate white powder form is often described to have a sugar/crystal like appearance. Due to its pureness, CBD isolate has many uses. Some people choose to use isolate as a base to make their own CBD products at home, whilst others choose to take CBD isolate as a sublingual.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid usually found in the hemp and cannabis plant. Unlike regular cannabis it does not contain any of the harmful psychoactive substances called THC that are illegal within the UK. These harmful substances are filtered out in the CBD extraction process leaving you with a natural healing product that has been said to reduce anxiety, stress, chronic pain, acne and even depression. It’s important to understand CBD is 100% legal, safe and regulated within the UK. All of the products we sell here at The CBD Planet UK remain in line with UK standards set out by the government. Shop in confidence knowing you are getting a safe product from reputable suppliers.

How Is CBD Isolate Made?

CBD isolate comes from a process where extraction removes the active compounds traditionally found in the cannabis plant. A refinement process then strips away all of the harmful plant matter and THC leaving a 99% pure CBD product. The end state is a high quality product that is suitable to create the base for you to mix/infuse products at home.

How Do I Use CBD Isolate?

There are many different ways to take CBD isolate, the favoured method for using it is to create a base to a CBD cream or topical. Other methods of taking it include sublingually (placing it underneath the tongue), inhalation (through adding to a vape e-liquid) and ingestion (being measured out to a desired dose and being placed into a pill).

What Are The Benefits of CBD Isolate?

Many of our customers love CBD isolate due to the many methods and uses it has. As more and more people fall in love with CBD more people have begun to experiment with it. Homemade CBD products are a fun way to experiment with CBD and isolate is a brilliant foundation to them. Others are drawn to CBD isolate due to it being nothing but pure CBD. This reduces the chances of any THC entering the system and potentially showing up on a drugs test.

Is CBD Isolate Addictive?

No, CBD isolate is not addictive as CBD is a non-addictive substance. You can therefore use it freely and not become addicted. The addictive part of the cannabis plant is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the psychoactive substance that is responsible for getting recreational users high. Our products contain less than 0.2% THC to remain in line with UK laws but you’ll find a lot of the products we sell contain 0%.

Can I Use CBD Isolate To Treat Pain?

CBD has brilliant anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties and the recent studies have concluded that it could play a positive part in relieving pain in those suffering from chronic pain. The data is also backed up by a range of anecdotal reports complementing the effectiveness of the substance. Although all of this data points towards positive outcomes in assisting in the reduction of pain, The CBD Planet UK does not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any medical conditions through using our products and we’d always recommend you consult your GP or a healthcare professional before implementing any dietary changes into your lifestyle. Furthermore if you have any more questions surrounding CBD and its relation to combating chronic pain, do not hesitate to contact one of the team.

Why Should I Buy My CBD Isolate From The CBD Planet UK?

The CBD Planet UK is proud to display one of the best CBD isolate ranges in the UK, offering a range of different brands from across the world. The CBD isolates we sell are tried and tested and 100% safe. They all comply with UK laws and are sourced from reputable and highly renowned brands. We truly are the one stop shop for anything CBD related.