CBD Patches

CBD patches are transdermal patches which are designed to absorb CBD through your skin and into the bloodstream. The concept is very similar to nicotine patches and is a popular way to take CBD due to its simple and effective nature. Check out our extensive range of patches with a host of different strengths to suit whatever your needs.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol is usually derived from the hemp variety of the plant, as the hemp plant contains large amounts of CBD but little amounts of THC. To remain legal, CBD products must contain less than 0.2% THC, which is nowhere near enough to cause a high. Once extracted from the plant, CBD is then used in a range of other products such as patches. Although early research into the health benefits of CBD is encouraging, it is still in its early phases and so no claims can be made about its use.

What Are CBD Patches?

CBD patches are pieces of plastic that you place on your skin in order to absorb CBD through. It can take up to four days for all the CBD to be absorbed, and it is the preferred method of taking CBD for many as it is both simple and effective.

How Do Transdermal CBD Patches Work?

Transdermal CBD patches work by diffusing CBD through your skin cells. The CBD then makes its way through your bloodstream to the endocannabinoid system. For this reason, the transdermal patches therefore work best when placed in an area where blood vessels are closer to the surface. We recommend using CBD patches in discreet areas where there is minimal chance they will be snagged or torn off.

Why Choose CBD Patches?

CBD patches are a preferred choice of many as they can administer CBD over a long period of time. Others often buy CBD patches because they are discreet and can be subtly placed on the body to not be noticed. CBD patches are perfect for those who don’t have time to take other CBD products which can often be more time consuming, such as vaping. Finally, patches can be administered to a targeted area of our body if you want to administer CBD to a specific area.

Are CBD Patches Better Than CBD Oil?

Whether CBD patches are better than CBD oil is completely down to personal preference. CBD patches do have advantages though in that they can administer CBD to a certain problem area, whilst they can also administer CBD over a longer period of time.

Are Full Spectrum CBD Patches Better Than Broad Spectrum?

Whether broad or full spectrum CBD patches are better is completely down to personal preference. Full spectrum products contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, hence they contain up to 0.2% THC and so many people claim they can provide an entourage effect. This is the belief that CBD and THC work together to provide a greater effect than CBD would have on its own. On the other hand, broad spectrum products have the THC completely removed during the extraction process and so they are ideal for people who want to avoid the presence of THC in their system.

Where Should I Place My Patch?

If you want to administer CBD to a certain part of your body then you should place the patch near to this area. However, CBD patches work best when placed in an area where blood vessels and capillaries are close to the surface of your body. Ideal areas include wrists, ankles, upper arms, shoulders and the back of your neck.

How Long Will It Take The Patch To Work?

The length of time it takes CBD patches to work will depend on individual factors as well as the strength of the patch, but roughly the CBD will enter your bloodstream within an hour of applying the patch.

How Long Will The Effects Last?

Each patch may last for a differing amount of time so it is important to check with the product you are using to see how long it will last. Some CBD patches will last for up to 3 days, whereas others may only last for around 24 hours.

How Do CBD Patches Make You Feel?

CBD affects everyone differently and so it is difficult to provide an explanation as to how you will feel when using CBD patches. One thing for sure is, you will not feel high when using CBD patches as they do not contain the levels of THC required to cause a high.

What Are The Side Effects of CBD Patches?

There are no serious side effects from using CBD patches, although some minor side effects such as drowsiness, headaches and diarrhea may occur. Usually, these side effects only occur if you consume too much CBD, and so it is important you start with a low dose to avoid this.

What Is The Difference Between A Matrix & Reservoir Patch?

Matrix and reservoir patches are similar in that they both feature an adhesive layer that is placed upon your skin. However, the differences come in the way they release the CBD. Reservoir patches have a reservoir which controls the amount of CBD that is released, whereas matrix patches do not accurately control the level of CBD that is released.

Do CBD Patches Work?

CBD patches are a highly effective product which administers CBD to a certain problem area over time, however, as the effects of CBD differ for each individual, there is no guarantee that it will provide an effective method of consumption for everybody.

Can I Get The Patch Wet?

CBD patches are showerproof so they can get wet, although we would not advice getting them wet for too long or scrubbing them as they may become unstuck.

Are CBD Patches Legal In The UK?

UK laws dictate that all CBD products including CBD patches must contain less than 0.2% THC. All of our CBD patches are legal as they contain less than this amount. Our products will also be advertised alongside a lab report to allow you to understand the full contents of the product during its manufacturing process.

Will CBD Patches Get Me High?

No, you will not get high from using CBD patches. CBD contains less than 0.2% THC, which is the psychoactive substance within cannabis which causes the user to experience a high. With such little THC, you will therefore not experience a high.

Is CBD Safe?

Yes, CBD has been classified as safe by the WHO. However, having that we would always recommend you consult your doctor before taking CBD as CBD may not be right for everyone. There have been no recorded serious side effects from CBD use, however minor side effects may occur if you consume too much CBD and so it’s important to start with a low dosage before working your way up slowly.

Will I Become Addicted To CBD Patches?

No, you will not become addicted to CBD patches. CBD is a non-addictive substance. It is the THC within cannabis which causes the addiction. Our products contain less than 0.2% THC in order for them to be legal within the UK. 0.2% THC is not anywhere near enough to cause you to become addicted to our products.

Can I Use CBD Patches For Back Pain?

CBD patches are great for treating a certain problem area, however, they are not intended to be used for back pain. If you suffer with back pain we would recommend consulting your doctor rather than using CBD.

Do CBD Patches Make You Sleepy?

No, CBD patches do not make you sleepy and they should not be used to help you with any sleep related problems. If you suffer from any sleep related issues we would recommend you consult your doctor.

Do CBD Patches Work For Anxiety?

No, CBD patches are not intended to be used as a treatment for anxiety. If you are experiencing anxiety or any other mental health condition then we would recommend you consult your doctor rather to find a treatment, rather than using CBD.

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