CBD wax is a form of concentrate that comes from the hemp plant. Its name comes from the appearance of the substance that is the result of an extraction and purification process. The substance comes out in a wax like consistency and appearance. CBD wax products tend to contain 80-90% cannabidiol, this means they can get a higher dose of CBD with a small amount of product and can offer a brilliant value for money. CBD wax comes in a variety of names, these are just different concentrates but can be very confusing to those who are new users. CBD wax is usually vapourised within a vaporizer but others choose to ‘dab’ it in a bong due to its high potency, these methods are both safe.

How Do I Take CBD Wax?

Typically people vaporise CBD wax which involves them adding it to a vaporizing pen which allows them to inhale the product. Others choose to ‘dab’ CBD wax or smoke it through a bong hit. Both of these methods are safe but we only recommend these methods to experienced smokers.

Will CBD Wax Get Me High?

No, CBD wax will not get you high. None of the products we sell at The CBD Planet UK are designed to get you high as they contain less than 0.2% THC. 

How Is CBD Wax Made?

CBD wax is made through several extraction processes. Essentially it’s made by blasting the plant with a solvent. The other method is called butane hash oil extraction which involves butane to pull out oils contained within the cannabis plant. The butane is then evaporated leaving behind a highly concentrated substance (CBD wax).

What Are the Benefits of CBD Wax?

CBD wax comes with a range of particular benefits. The main one being its high potency which means that users can consume small amounts of CBD wax but still feel the benefits. This is clearly one of the more cost effective methods of taking CBD.

I’m New to CBD, Is CBD Wax Good for Me to Start With?

CBD wax is a brilliant way to get a high potency hit of CBD, but due to its high strain we wouldn’t recommend those new into CBD to start with it. Along with its complexity to consume, we’d suggest that you start with CBD oils, CBD vape juice, or CBD capsules.

Is CBD Wax Legal Within The UK?

Yes, CBD wax is legal within the UK as it contains less than 0.2% THC. Under UK law, CBD products must contain less than 0.2% THC. All of our products comply with this guideline.