15% CBD Oil

Discover our extensive collection of 15% CBD oils from some of the biggest names in CBD, including Naturecan and LVWell. We carefully select our products from only the best brands in order to ensure both a safe and effective product for our customers. Our 15% CBD oils are one of our mid-strength oils and so can be used by those new to CBD as well as the more experienced user.

What Is 15% CBD Oil?

15% CBD oil refers to CBD oils which have a 15% CBD concentration. A 15% CBD oil in a 10ml bottle would contain 1500mg of CBD.

What Bottle Sizes Are Available?

Our 15% CBD oils come in the following bottle sizes:

  • 10ml – which contains 1500mg CBD
  • 15ml – which contains 2000mg CBD
  • 30ml – which contains 4500mg CBD

How Do I Take 15% CBD Oils?

15% CBD oils are no different to normal CBD oils with regards to how you take them. Most people choose to take them sublingually by placing a couple of droplets beneath the tongue and leaving them there for 30 seconds. The CBD is absorbed by the blood vessels beneath the tongue and from there enters the bloodstream. Alternatively, CBD oils can also be added to your favourite foods – although this method of consumption will take longer to feel the effects as the CBD has to pass through the digestive system.

Should I Choose A Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD Oil?

Whether you opt for a broad spectrum CBD oil or a full spectrum oil is completely down to personal preference. All of the THC is removed in the extraction process in broad spectrum CBD oils and so some people often favour these over full spectrum oils.

Are 15% CBD Oils Legal In The UK?

Yes, 15% CBD oils are no different to all other CBD oils in terms of their legal status, meaning they are completely legal in the UK. In order for CBD oils to be legal in the UK they must contain less than 0.2% THC. THC is the psychoactive substance found within the cannabis plant that causes users to experience a high. All of our CBD oils contain less than 0.2% THC and are therefore 100% legal.

Can 15% CBD Oils Get Me High?

No, 15% CBD oils will not get you high. CBD is commonly mistaken for being able to get you high due to its association with cannabis. What causes the high within cannabis is actually it’s THC content. Given that CBD products only contain 0.2% THC it’s far too small an amount to cause you to experience a high. You can therefore consume all CBD oils safely without having to worry about any psychoactive effects.

Why Should I Buy 15% CBD Oils From The CBD Planet UK?

Our range of CBD oils is one of the best on the market. We’ve carefully selected each of the brands and products we carry in order to ensure our customers receive both a safe and effective CBD experience. Not only are we passionate about quality, we are also passionate about our pricing. That’s why we’ve got a price guarantee. If you find a product for cheaper elsewhere we’ll beat the price by 10%.