2000mg CBD Vape Juice

Our collection of 2000mg CBD vape juices has been pulled together with the more experienced CBD users in mind. 2000mg is one of our strongest e-liquids and so it should not be used by beginners. At The CBD Planet UK we offer some of the very best brands in CBD including Tasty CBD, CBD Asylum and Dynamic CBD. Choose from a variety of flavours to suit whatever your needs, including watermelon, berry and mango.

What Size Bottles Do 2000mg CBD Vape Juices Come In?

Our 2000mg CBD vape juices come in an array of different bottle sizes including 25ml, 50ml, 100ml and 120ml.

Is 2000mg CBD Vape Juice The Right Strength For Me?

2000mg CBD vape juice should only be used by those who are the most experienced of CBD users. It’s one of the strongest vape juices we have, so if you’re not prepared for the dose then you could feel adverse effects such as drowsiness. If you’re new to CBD or do not have much experience using CBD products then we would suggest using a far weaker CBD vape juice and building up your dose slowly.

Is 2000mg The Strongest CBD Vape Juice?

Whilst 2000mg CBD vape juice is certainly one of our strongest CBD vape juices, it isn’t quite our strongest. We do have a range of 3000mg CBD vape juice products if you’re after something a little bit stronger.

Can I Use 2000mg CBD Vape Juice In My Normal Vape Pen?

No, it’s not recommended to use your 2000mg CBD vape juice within your normal vape pen. If you do vape nicotine you should have a pen for your nicotine based e-liquids and a pen for your CBD e-liquids. Mixing the two may damage your pen and could be dangerous for your health.

Is 2000mg CBD Vape Juice Legal?

2000mg CBD vape juice is legal in the UK, just like all of the other strength vape juices we sell. In order for CBD vape juice to be legal within the UK it must contain less than 0.2% THC. Such a small amount of THC is nowhere near enough to cause any psychoactive effects. All of our products adhere to this guideline and are therefore safe and legal.