30% CBD Oil

If you’re looking for a strong CBD oil that packs a punch then look no further. Our 30% CBD oils are sure to do the trick. Our 30% CBD oils are sourced from the best brands from across the CBD market including LVwell and Honey Heaven. 30% CBD oils are one of the highest concentrations we offer and so we would not recommend them for those who are new to CBD. Typically, 30% CBD oils are suitable for those more experienced CBD users.

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What Is 30% CBD Oil?

When we discuss certain percentages of CBD oil we are referring to the CBD concentration of the oil. For example, a 30% CBD oil in a 10ml bottle contains 3000mg of CBD, whereas a 30% CBD oil in a 30ml bottle would contain 9000mg of CBD oil.

How Do I Use 30% CBD Oil?

30% CBD oil should be used just how other CBD oils are. Most commonly they are used sublingually, which involves placing a few droplets underneath the tongue and holding them there for between 30 seconds to a minute. The CBD is then absorbed into the bloodstream via the blood vessels beneath the tongue. Some people choose to take their CBD oils by adding them to their favourite foods. There’s a whole host of recipes online so you can enjoy your favourite foods with the added benefits of CBD.

Is 30% CBD Oil The Right Strength For Me?

30% CBD oils should be left for the more experienced CBD users. If you’re new to CBD then we would suggest this is not the right strength for you. When using CBD, it is best to start with a lower dose and build you way up, rather than use a stronger oil right away. Using a dose which is too strong for you could result in unwanted side effects like drowsiness. 

Are 30% CBD Oils Legal in the UK?

Yes, although our 30% CBD oils are one of our strongest CBD oils they are still perfectly legal under UK law. To be legal within the UK, CBD oils must contain less than 0.2% THC. Some of our oils contain zero THC and all of them contain less than 0.2%, making them 100% legal. Many of the products we sell also have an accompanying lab report in order to give you the confidence of knowing exactly what is within the products you are buying.

What’s The Difference Between Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

The main difference between broad and full spectrum CBD oils is the presence of THC. Full spectrum oils will contain all the natural terpenes as well as traces of THC. However, broad spectrum oils contain zero THC as the THC is completely removed in the extraction process. If you’re worried about the presence of THC then we would recommend you opt for broad spectrum CBD oils.

Why Should I Buy 30% CBD Oils From The CBD Planet UK?

At The CBD Planet UK we’ve got some of the best 30% CBD oils on the market, including products from industry leading brands like LVWell and Honey Heaven. As well as being passionate about our quality we’re also passionate about price. That’s why we offer our price guarantee. If you find one of our 30% CBD oils cheaper elsewhere then we’ll beat the price by 10%.