750mg CBD Oil

The CBD Planet UK has a continuously growing range of CBD oils and the latest edition is our 750mg CBD oil range. Considered to be one of our mid-range strengths, 750mg CBD oil is aimed at both beginners and regular CBD users. Our range of 750mg CBD oils includes products from leading brands such as Aver, Cali Greens, Loveburgh and Ciro Health. Here at The CBD Planet UK we pride ourselves on only showcasing the best.

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How Do I Use 750mg CBD Oils?

We’d recommend taking your 750mg CBD oil sublingually. This essentially means you’ll need to place a couple of droplets underneath the tongue. The droplets should be held there for around 30 seconds in order to allow for the CBD to be absorbed through the blood vessels and into the bloodstream. By taking CBD oil this way it does not need to pass through the digestive system and so you’ll feel the effects much quicker than a CBD edible. Alternatively, for a more tasty alternative you can mix CBD oil with your favourite foods. However, given the CBD will therefore have to pass through the digestive system it will take a lot longer to feel the effects. The ways you can take CBD oils are only dictated by the limit of your imagination and you’ll find thousands of recipes and suggestions across the web for new and creative ways to consume your CBD oils.

Will 750mg CBD Oil Get Me High?

No, the 750mg CBD oils we sell here at the CBD Planet UK will not get you high. No matter what the strength of the CBD oils you consume are, you will not experience a high. In order to remain legal within the UK, CBD oils must contain less than 0.2% THC, which is the substance within marijuana which causes a high. Whilst CBD oil can contain up to 0.2% THC, many products on the market are actually THC free. Given CBD oils can only contain up to a maximum of 0.2% THC, even this amount is far too small in order to feel any effects and so it is not possible to get high from consuming CBD.